Stories by Patrick Griffiths

Plastic Tower

Structo #11, February 2014. ISSN 2044-8244.

Structo #11 cover

3,000 words.

Harold Bent is Plastic Tower’s newest resident. And he will be Plastic Tower’s newest resident for the next seven minutes.

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The Green

Popshot #10, October 2013. ISSN 2041-4382.

The Green illlustration

2,000 words

It was the sight of Apricot’s lifeless body that finally convinced Jay’s mother they should leave their home.

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An Intriguing Addition to Nobleman Poh’s Menagerie

Popshot #10, October 2013. ISSN 2041-4382.

Popshot #10 cover

2,000 words

The invitation was somewhat ambiguous and it read, simply, that I was invited to the unveiling of the latest additions to his famed collection of exotic animals that included an “especially intriguing specimen”.

Anthropomorphic Firefly Tales

The Alarmist #3, September 2013. ISSN 2049-6451.

The Alarmist #3 cover

3,000 words.

The Ugly Duckling does not sit pretty with me. Its very title is a lie. There is no duckling in the story at all, ugly or otherwise – the protagonist is a cygnet. A swan. A completely different species.


Popshot #9, April 2013. ISSN 2041-4382.

Popshot #9 cover

2,000 words.

As I reached for a nearby cloth and held it to my nose, I noticed something moving in the splatters of blood. A tiny brown lozenge, an insect-like cocoon, maybe a centimetre long, wriggled violently before the casing split and the wriggling ceased, replaced by slow, deliberate movements.