Ecuador 2014

Talking Animal

Coincidentally, I returned from India the day before the start of the classic 2014 Formula 1 season. Coincidentally, I left for Ecuador on the evening on the last race of the classic 2014 Formula 1 season.

Four weeks. In a small country. A small but funky country. Just one country. I’m not really used to focussing on one place like this. But it’s, you know, pretty damned diverse. Small, funky, diverse.

I jumped over to the east first. Amazon.


Burn, (my) anaconda, owl monkeys, tree frogs, fire ants, bullet ants, surgery ants, leaf-cutter ants, macaws, toucans, parasitic fungus, squelch, piranhas, performance, Indiana Jones, macro, marmoset, caiman, bats.

Monkeys in hole in a tree
Owl monkeys

I flew out west, across the Pacific next. Galapagos Islands. A nature-lover’s Mecca. Natural selection’s spiritual home. Yeah. How the hell has it taken me this long to get around to visiting?

Iguana on a beach
Marine iguana

Arm finches, ginger, boobies, soya, iguanas, snorkelling, orcas, orcas (for Darwin’s sake), (I swam alongside) orcas, orcas (!), alphabet, Sea-Bands, puke, co-ops, turtles, tortoises, tortugas, Malta, exposure bracketing, sea lions, lava, volcanoes, crabs, penguins, ATMs, rays, sharks, flamingos.

Cactus, volcanic landscape

Back on the mainland, I met up with my flame and we travelled along the Andes, from Quito up to The Bellavista Reserve and then down to Cuenca, with a few stops along the way.

Tarantula crossing

Hummingbirds, other birds, hills, mountains, clouds, (no) water, ($10) water, tarantula, maracuya, churches, sandwiches, hats, tummies, tuna splinters, Tia, olinguito, How I Met Your Mother, toilet paper, buses, ice cream, ferns, rain, beetle, Italian, Americans, juice, garlic, Tic Tacs, Mungo, cash, Spanish, Blackberry, D’Angelo.

Hummingbird on plant
Long-tailed sylph hummingbird

I have spoiled myself this year. Two big trips, ten wonderful action-filled weeks. And I got to see all of the Formula 1.

Swimming with orcas. A life highlight, it’s safe to say.

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