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At the start of the year I set myself a goal; to find my way into Popshot, The Alarmist, and Structo magazines.

On January 1st the Internet revealed the world of literary magazines to me. Popshot’s approach especially appealed and I subscribed to the magazine of poems, short stories, and illustrations by the end of the day. After devouring the delicious publication I wrote several short stories and submitted them to the magazine. I hadn’t written short stories in anger before.

Spine was accepted by the end of the month and appeared in print in April. Quite a confidence boost. Maybe I should be writing more prose, I thought.

Popshot #9: The Imagination issue.

Anthropomorphic Firefly Tales appeared in the third issue of The Alarmist, a very different magazine to Popshot, with a punk humour leaning, unabashedly raising a middle-finger to literary snobbery.

The Alarmist #3.

When Popshot announced that the theme for their next issue was “wild”, I couldn’t resist. It was a pleasant surprise when both of the stories I submitted were accepted.

Illustration accompanying The Green in Popshot #10, which also includes An Intriguing Addition to Nobleman Poh’s Menagerie.

During the year I received a number of rejections, which is par for the course. They included one from Structo, a magazine of consistently high quality poetry and prose. I tried again for their latest issue. Plastic Tower was recently accepted and will see print soon.

Goal achieved. Time to set new ones.

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