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Fidgeting in a realm that barely exists somewhere between unemployment, self-employment and retirement, I am an aspiring screenwriter, a former geek tyrant, and a merrily discombobulated zealous practitioner of a contradictory belief system that pits existential nihilism against ethics. Well, when the X-Factor isn’t on, at least.

I am disillusioned with UK party politics but consider myself political and I have a generally liberal outlook on life. I don’t believe in God and I think there is nothing more fascinating, amazing, wonderful, and beautiful than evolution and its results.

I look similar to this in the future.

I don’t wear leather or silk and I won’t kill mosquitoes. I am not a Jain monk. And I am not entirely insane. Or stupid. I respect others’ opinions and respect those who respect mine. I enjoy intelligent debate and believe it would be gun-in-mouth boring if we all believed in the same things. Having said that, I won’t be able to take you seriously if you believe in the healing power of crystals. Or homeopathy.

I dislike bright iPhone screens in dark cinemas, materialism, blue blood, tennis commentary, Danny Dyer, arrogance, conservativeness, Westlife, the easy option, and poor punctuation, rage especially likely to ensue on seeing “your” and “you’re” mixed up. Unless the mixer-upper’s age is a single digit.

I particularly enjoy independent films and those funny sounding ones with writing at the bottom of the screen. Music? I’m a soul man. Dunun dunun, dunun dunun. I consider peas to be spheres of joy, Borneo and Bruges to be brilliant, and Family Guy to be tremendously deep. I miss Northern Exposure. Yes to Woody Allen, museums, mischief, ouzo, Italian beer, the Internet, the absurd, the unconventional, Oxford commas, and London. London is cool.

I used to be yellow and I blug about films. I can be stalked on Twitter or you can spam the crap out of patrick@talkinganimal.co.uk but Facebook gives me a rash.

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